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Welcome to BrickSwap.

Here you can swap and trade used LEGO parts, LEGO pieces, LEGO mini-figures, sets, platforms, bricks, and more. Simply register as a BrickSwap member, or BrickSwap merchant, and surf the current member swaps, member trades, item auctions and buy now used items listed on our website.

Choose from 3 Listing Options:

  1. Auction Your Used Items to Bidders
  2. Sell Your Used Items for Sale
  3. Swap Your Used Items with Members

Add LEGO items to the website, using a free personal account with 10 listings per year, or select a merchant store plan with 50 listings per year. This FREE website was started by a father and his then 11-year old son in 2004, so everyone could have a fair place to swap, trade and sell items.

Start adding your own used items today, and swap or auction at BrickSwap. Then you too can have new to you stuff.

Have fun and as we like to say: “Hey Swap’em if you Got’em”.

Swap Mini Figs

Go ahead and get some new to you mini figures, swapping, or trading with another BrickSwap member, or fan. LEGO minifigs are some of the most popular items on BrickSwap. Post or swap yours today.

TRADE Bricks and Pieces

Tired of the same old used bricks and pieces? Then go ahead and auction off your used parts and pieces. These used LEGO are new to me items to other people and fans everywhere.

AUCTION Items and Sets

Have a item, or set to auction? BrickSwap is the place to auction used LEGO items and sets. Many of our members, love to swap complete themed sets, and unique collections with creative fans like you.

SELL Bulk and Buckets

Ready to unload a large pile, buckets, or bulk sets? Whether a bucket full, or boxes of LEGO add them today. Some members out-grow their bricks and pieces as they grow. So you might get to grab stuff by the bucket.

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