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BrickSwap is Your Place to Swap USED LEGOS!

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What is BrickSwap?

NOW IN OUR 8TH YEAR with over 950 family members, BrickSwap continues to be a family friendly community for swapping LEGO with other LEGO lovers across America.

The site was created by a then 11-year old boy and his father who wanted a "safe place" to swap newly used LEGOS parts, LEGOS bricks, LEGOS pieces, LEGOS sets, Mini Figs and more with other young at heart LEGO fans.

Simply said, BrickSwap is for parents and kids of all ages, to swap used LEGOS parts and LEGO pieces. Read on for more details and please do tell all your LEGOS friends.

As a active, verified member, you'll be able to post LEGOS items to swap and also browse LEGOS swaps, searching for used LEGO toys, parts, and bricks you may want to swap with hundreds of other BrickSwap members, who also love LEGOS.
Whether you're an adult, a child, or the parent of a kid who enjoys making LEGOS creations, this community is for you. Swap anything from LEGOS parts, LEGOS mini-figs, LEGOS weapons and LEGOS gear, to LEGOS accessories, bricks and even complete LEGOS designs.
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