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What is Our Used LEGO Swap Website?

Swap Used LEGOS – Hey Swap’em if You Got’em

Swap Used LEGOS – Just How Did This Website Start?

Offering a website to swap used LEGOS, we are now in our 14th year.

The 2019 BrickSwap continues to be a family friendly used LEGS and LEGO lover community to swap used LEGOS, and for trading LEGO with other LEGO fans.

The LEGO swap website, was created by a then 11-year old boy and his father who wanted a “safe fair place” to swap used LEGOS and trade used LEGO parts, LEGO bricks, LEGO pieces, LEGO sets, LEGO mini figs, and LEGO platforms.

You can even swap used LEGO bulk items, and more with other young at heart LEGO fans everywhere.

We love LEGO! BrickSwap is for parents and kids of all ages, to swap and trade used LEGO parts and LEGO pieces.

As a active, verified BrickSwap member, you’ll be able to post LEGO items to swap, auction and trade, then browse BrickSwap for LEGO swaps and items.

Searching for new to you used LEGO toys, LEGO parts, and LEGO bricks, with hundreds of other BrickSwap members, who also love LEGO.

Whether you’re an adult, a child, or just a LEGO fan who enjoys making LEGO creations, this community is for you.

Swap anything from LEGO parts, and mini-figs, to LEGO weapons, sets, or LEGO accessories.

You can find LEGO bricks and even complete LEGO designs. Register for your new BrickSwap account today.

Featured Listing
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  • Lost in SPACE
  • Attack on Avengers Tower
  • LEGO Creator Mighty Dinosaur
  • Poe’s X-wingfighter
  • 42056 Porsche 911 GT3 RS
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